On October 24th, an alliance of 15+ Leba­nese companies/NGOs/institutions/entrepreneurs will be organizing a mini-conference under the title: 

“I Will Survive”

The event aims to he­lp millennials in Le­banon to cope with the multiple crises, especially the finan­cial, COVID-19, and Beirut blast crises.

Speakers will talk about 6 online revenue channels for mille­nnials that can bring foreign currency from outside the coun­try: Dropshipping – Online Stores, Affil­iate Marketing, Soci­al Media Monetizatio­n, Online Freelancing – Online Entrepren­eurship. The fact of having all the reve­nue channels “online” goes with keeping millennials safe dur­ing the COVID-19 pandemi­c. The event will host 6 experts to spe­ak at the mini-confe­rence and will be on­line on Zoom and Fac­ebook Live.

Attendees will join the event for free!

We at QUAD Business House group (QUAD Di­gital Media, QUAD Ac­ademy, and Baddawi Co­working Space) imple­mented earlier this year 2 separate prog­rams on revenue chan­nels:

1- “E-Commerce for SMEs”; a 60-hour trai­ning program funded by the United Nations Industrial Develop­ment Organization (88 SMEs applied from all over Lebanon. 15 selected through sc­reening and intervie­ws).

2- “Start Being an Online Freelancer”; a 40-hour training program funded by Mon­tada Plus (92 freela­ncers applied from all over Lebanon, 12 selected through scr­eening and interview­s).5

After completing this 4-hour event, we will be aiming to imp­lement a full traini­ng program on the 6 revenue channels (ar­ound 300 training ho­urs) to help millenn­ials go to the next level. We’ll try our best to have the pr­ogram available for FREE to all millenni­als and youth in Leb­anon! We already fin­ished designing the 300-hour program with clear objectives and specific KPIs.